Cities of Amazing attractions

Australia is just a small country which is smaller than the United States. But this small country is filled up with a lot of beautiful and amazing creatures and destinations that you didn’t visit yet. This is the place of Opera House and landmarks like the Ayers Rock. This are all the popular tourist attractions in Australia. But behind this, Australia has a lot of beautiful places that aren’t well known by some people but it is quite impressive. Here are the list of the cities with their amazing top attraction.

Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia. It is the most popular destination of many people because of it’s beautiful and clean blue water and white sand that gives a brilliant life to the beach. You can view the beach also by riding on a camel. There is also a transportation for you to help cross the sands.

Fraser Island in Queenland, Australia. Like the other popular beaches it is also a beautiful island that boasts of rainforests, freshwater and cliffs. It is the largest sand island in the world.

Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. It is also known as the one of the most beautiful drives in Australia. You can see pretty limestone and rock formations in here. You can spot some of the famous wildlife also in here like the kangaroos and seals.

Purnulu National Park in Western Australia. A unique home of tourist attractions because of it’s stripes style sanstone that looks like a beehives. This place is locates in a remote area. The blue mountains here in National Park is the biggest scenic park in Australia and popular for day trip.

These are just some of the top list of tourist attraction in Australia but there are a lot more.