Australian Culture

Australia has 24 million inhabitants and as you walk through the diverse, colorful people and culture of Australia will take a big part in the society today. This is the place of beautiful landmarks, sport, food and cultural diversity. It is also a product of unique establishments and influences. People in Australia are required to learn and speak in English as their national language. Aside from English they also speak a lot of different languages. Around 200 languages can be spoken here in Australia. But English is more valuable than the others.

Australian people are also religious people. They are culturally practiced engaging into going in a church during their free time. They are also into cultural arts, dance and music. Most of the people in there attended cultural performance every year. They are also well-educated and well mannered people. They respect each and everyone of the society. They are a good supporter to their countrymen in times of sport, local or international.

Australian people are also self conscious. They are healthy person and they ate food that is not into fats. That is why they are one of the top country of having least obese people. There is also farming work in Australia. A total mix of farming and irrigation is the major work in Australia. As they face severe drought, agriculture and irrigation is the main concern of farming in Australia as water is the most important in farming.