3 Ways on how to protect your skin from sun damage

Many of us are really excited to go swim in a beach or resort. Most especially when we are with our friends and family. But here comes the idea that our skin will be damaged if we get under the sun for a long time. We cannot help to stay under the sun in just a short time. If that is the case we cannot enjoy our summer vacation then. We can’t wear our pajamas and sweater because it is not winter, but it’s summer. How can we enjoy our summer trip by protecting our skin under the heat of the sun.

Here are some ways on how to maintain your skin color and irritation from the heat of the sun in order to enjoy your summer vacation in a beach. First, you should have your sunblock prepared to wipe out in your skin. It’s better if you have the higher spf protection to keep your skin free from irritating and damaged. Make sure that you wiped it out in your whole body even in your face. It is okay also to put some in your face to avoid darkening of color.

Another way is stay for just 1-2 hours before going to swim or surf under the heat of the sun so that your skin will have a time to absorb first the exfoliation of the sunblock. In order to take effect and absorb the formula. Next, do not be soak up for more than 5 hours in the beach. It’s not good in your skin. Make sure to keep yourself get up some fresh air in order to leave your skin in good condition. After swimming, make sure to take a bath well and use a soap that has a moisturizer in order to keep your skin soft and clean.